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Artshala is where you learn about web and graphic design in Rajkot. Our institute offers courses that mix graphic design art with web design techniques. Experienced mentors teach you how to use design software and apply design ideas. You’ll create cool graphics and make websites that work well on different screens. Artshala helps you build a diverse portfolio of your work. Join us to learn about web and graphic design and explore your creativity in Rajkot. At Artshala, you’ll discover how to design things that look great online and express your creative ideas easily.


“Artshala expands soon to Jamnagar, Morbi, and other Gujarat cities. Stay tuned for our top-tier graphic and web design courses. Experience the same quality education and expert guidance with Best graphic designing institute in gujarat. Join us as we spread creativity and design brilliance across Gujarat’s diverse landscape.”

Facilities Offered by Our Institute

100% Job Placement

You will get hundred percent job guarantee in our institute

Practical Work

In artshala Institute you will be given practical work Practical work means field work

Client Communication

Client communication is any communication between a business and its clients. This can include written communication , like emails and invoices; verbal communication, like phone calls, like smiling.

Printing Learning

Printing Learning Impotant Aspects in Printing Information About Paper Machines Colors Extra ana

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Graphic Design is the art of visual communication using typography and photography. It is projecting of ideas and experience with visual and textual content. It can be in a different form such as physical or virtual. It can include images, symbols, words, graphics and motions. It is showing off your creativity. It can be for different purposes such as commercial, cultural and educational or as well as political. Designing of posters, packages, boxes, magazines and advertisement or any other printed material comes under graphic designing.